Construction Plant & Tool Hire Done Differently

Shareplant- Construction Plant & Tool Hire Done Differently 

As an alternative way to hire plant and equipment, the Shareplant concept is based on the simple premise that idle equipment is a waste of money for everyone - owners, constructors and clients alike.

Shareplant Marketplace is a service that connects equipment owners directly to hirers so that they can rent construction equipment to each other when it would be otherwise be sitting idle - minimising cost and maximising profit.  

Equipment owners can join and list equipment for free, whilst hirers can find nearby high-quality specialist equipment to rent in seconds! Our marketplace then provides flexibility in that the rentals can be with or without an operator, rented by the hour, day, week or month. We also provide the option for rentals with or without delivery allowing you to select the most convenient and cost-effective way of receiving the rental equipment.

Shareplant founder, Mark Watters, has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. 

“During this time, I often saw equipment and tools standing idle and came to the conclusion that someone is paying for that idle time, whether it is the owner or client. I started to think of ways to try and reduce the idle time and increase utilisation.  The idea for Shareplant suddenly came to me while we were on holiday one summer.  

A few years ago, we started using Airbnb to book our holiday accommodation.  At the time, Airbnb was new and was a way to utilise an unused asset, earning money for the homeowner. Bingo, the idea suddenly came to me! We could create an Airbnb for the construction industry.  That's where the Shareplant idea came from.  This new way of thinking is called the 'Sharing Economy’ and is growing quickly around the world in all aspects of our lives from travel and accommodation to the sharing of physical items such as parking spaces, camera equipment and bicycles.”. 

In addition to our rental marketplace we have recently launched our Shareplant app which is free to download from Apple and Google Play stores. Whether you are an operator, supervisor or manager our app can help to increase your productivity and efficiency by reducing the need to complete manual, paper-based tasks. Offering a range of modern construction management tools such as reports, logs and document checks straight to your laptop, tablet and phone.
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