Featured Contractor: Polar Planet

Polar Planet provides guidance on the most appropriate renewable technology for residential or commercial use. Their deep understanding of the government renewable energy incentive programmes and RHI & FIT Payment plans enables their clients to reduce their energy bills.

Polar Planet is a family owned renewable energy installer who employ their own workforce, including two plumbing apprentices. Their portfolio of projects includes domestic housing, schools, community centres, Hospitals and public buildings. Current customers are self-builders, developers, Mechanical & Electrical contractors, local authorities and councils.

Based in West Sussex, with clients are across the South East and Home Counties, Polar Planet specialise in combining natural renewable solutions, including: 

• Air source heat pumps

• Ground source heat pumps

• Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR)

• Combined heat and power plant (CHP) 

• Solar systems both PV and thermal

• Under-floor heating

• District heating mains

Carbon Reduction – Renewable Energy

Reducing the carbon footprint of homes has become a cornerstone of Parliaments’ energy policy and Kyoto commitments. To help encourage the uptake of low carbon heating technologies, the Government has put in place financial incentives to those installing renewable energy systems, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which covers the installation of Heat Pumps, Biomass Boilers and Solar Thermal systems. This scheme is run in tandem with the established FIT (feed-in-tariff) for Solar PV and other electricity generating systems. 

For non-domestic space and process heating needs, commercial organisations have incentives available to convert to renewable energy technologies. 

Featured Projects

Little Park House, Sussex

Most domestic under-floor heating systems for concrete floors require 75-100mm of build up.  This is often not practical for retrofit situations, particularly where door openings already exist.  This system was designed to be installed on concrete slab floors with minimal height build up as little as 15mm.

Additionally, a low-temperature designed system is far more efficient and may qualify for the RHI schemes.  

Innovation Centre, Aberdour School

The Innovation Centre at Aberdour school incorporates natural ventilation with rooftop windcatchers, sustainable drainage and ground source heating. 

Polar Planet carried out the installation and commissioning of a ground source heat pump, as well as installing the new underfloor heating and solar panel system, creating an automatic natural ventilation heating system.  The system uses carbon dioxide sensors to ensure that sufficient fresh air is provided to the pupils without wasting heat when the building is experiencing low occupancy.

The installation was completed to MCS standards and assistance is being provided to the school to enable them to claim the government Renewable Heat Incentive for the installation.

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Web: www.polarplanet.co.uk

Thanks to Derek Eyre from Polar Planet for providing information for this profile.

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