Guest Blog: Overcoming risks when implementing new technology

We have come across some staggering statistics about the success, or lack of success, in the implementation of new CRM systems. In a recent meeting with a top 15 UK-contractor, their own internal research revealed that only 27% of planned users were active, 65% had only logged in once and 8% had never logged in at all. This is supported by ISM, a US Management Consultant who claims that as many as 50% of implementation failures are directly attributable to user resistance.

When you dig a little deeper as to the reasons why users don’t embrace such systems, the key feedback themes we hear is ‘the system is clunky to use’, ‘it conflicts with the way they work’. And the most frequently heard complaint is that it adds an extra burden to their daily workload, ‘I need to put aside 2 to 3 hours a week to enter the information.’

It’s all very well implementing a state of the art software solution that is designed to improve business performance and create efficiencies, but if people aren’t using it, it just isn’t able to do its job. So your investment can become a waste of time and money. 

Making technology work for your business 

Improving cultures and behaviours is a complex and difficult process and it needs to be carefully mapped out and planned. A clear implementation programme is pivotal to the uptake of the technology in your business.

Change management is more than making a transition; it is about knowing exactly what desired elements you want to achieve and then focusing on making the transition as straightforward as possible for everyone in an organisation.  

In terms of introducing new technology, it means early consultation and then preparing your team and your business for the introduction and ongoing use of the new system.  

Your organisation needs to overcoming resistance from team members and help people understand the individual benefits the new technology can deliver to each person. Making sure you have full buy-in from the beginning gives you more chance of a successful implementation.

There are several vital components to a successful change management programme.

Successful change begins at the top. The leadership team need to be 100% behind the project and committed to the change programme. A united leadership team helps an organisation adjust and develop.

Communication is essential. Open communication channels mean everyone feels involved in the process. As well as informing teams about change, you should create mechanism to engage users constantly to capture feedback as well as metrics on implementation progress and be prepared to listen and respond to feedback on insights gained.  

Invest in training. Well-trained users are more likely to use new technology. As well as an initial commitment to training, it needs to be an ongoing priority for the business.

The bigger picture 

We believe any leadership team planning to initiate such systems must really explore and understand whether a new system can align with their teams existing cognitive workflows, behaviours and efficiencies. Too often we see leadership focusing only on the beneficial outputs and insights and overlooking the way the system delivers efficiencies for users.  

The right system delivers value at every level across an entire organisation.  

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